Conversations About Retirement: Retiring Not Shy!

Conversations About Retirement: Re- wiring Towards A Fulfulling Retirement

For many baby boomers retirement is a major time of change.

Indeed, retirement may be seen as a new phase; a time for “re – wiring” towards a fulfilling retirement.

Today’s “Conversations About Retirement” is a guest blog by Jan Wild from Retiring Not Shy!

Retiring Not Shy! is a great blog for people retired or planning retirement. You can imagine the delight when Jan kindly agreed to share her thoughts and experiences about being retired. Below are the questions I put to Jan and her responses.

Did you experience a smooth transition to retirement?

Our transition to retirement (we prefer to call it re-wirement) was relatively easy because we had both worked from home prior to re-wirement. In fact we both have online businesses so, as is the case with many baby boomers, we have never fully retired. That day may come. But for now we are enjoying the engagement our businesses provide.

Did you struggle with any retirement lifestyle changes?

Our biggest struggle has been with location. We live in Mallacoota, one of the most beautiful spots in Australia. We purchased land here several years before retiring and then built a gorgeous home and moved here. What we didn’t reckon on is that we are a very long way from my family. My siblings are all older than me and it is not easy being so far away. We plan to move once we sell here to a location more accessible to my far-flung relatives.

Conversations About Retirement: Re - wiring Towards A Fulfilling Retirement
The view from from Jan and Rowan house.

Retirees most often find they lose contact with people and supports from within the workplace. What new retirement structures / supports  did you need to create or become involved in?

This hasn’t been as hard for us as it might be for others. As I said,  we had both worked from home, so we knew this could be a challenge. We both use technology extensively to stay in touch with family and friends.

We travel quite a lot, both domestically and internationally and that allows us to keep in touch with friends all over the country. We sometimes find ourselves connecting up with friends when they and we are in a different country. That makes for some fun times.

Conversations About Retirement: Re -wiring Towards A Fulfilling Retirement.
Meeting friends in Hong Kong

Managing technology can of course be a challenge when there is no IT team to call on, but we have a guru we can call if we need and have excellent support through our blog hosts. We also rely on Facebook groups for bloggers which are a source of great help and inspiration.

Creating new structures is a really important issue for retirees and that goes beyond people contacts. It is not uncommon for retirees to feel a bit lost after leaving full time employment. I wrote recently about the need to create new structures and to manage your time so that you have a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

It is a truism that retirees should become volunteers and that works for many people but not for all. My advice is that this is your time and it has the potential to be the most exciting and rewarding time of your life. But you have to grab it with both hands and that might mean dropping some pre-conceptions, along with letting go of the expectations of others.

Looking back at your retiring, what do you think helped you the most?

I think both ‘re-wiring’ at the same time made a huge difference. And technology, whilst there are days we curse it, has allowed us to keep in touch, to learn new things, to research and plan travel, to manage our finances etc.

Not forgetting the financial aspects of our retirement; we have a self managed superannuation fund and we rely very heavily on our wonderful accountants who helped us get that set up and continue to make sure we are compliant with all the changing rules and regulations.

What are your thoughts about retirement now? Do they differ greatly from pre – retirement days?

I don’t think I had many thoughts about retirement before I ‘retired’; my major observation now is that one should retire from work, but definitely not retire from life. In fact, now is the time to really step into life and enjoy it on your own terms.

About Jan Wild – From Retiring Not Shy!

Conversations About Retirement: Re - wiring Towards A Fulfulling Retirement.
Mallacotta Christmas.

Jan and her partner Rowan from Retiring Not Shy! are Australian baby boomers, who wanted to explore new horizons whilst re-wiring towards a fulfilling retirement. In researching retirement planning, Jan and Rowan found that the vast majority of articles published were about financial planning.  They felt whilst there is a no doubt financial planning for retirement is an important subject, there’s lots more to having a satisfying and rewarding retirement. They realised there is a need for information sharing on the other aspects of retirement and began to blog at Retiring Not Shy! You can visit the Retiring Not Shy! website at

What about you?

What are your thoughts about retirement? If you have retired, what has been your experience? Have you retired completely? What about Jan’s idea of “re -wiring” vs retiring?  Please join in the conversation as we would love to hear your thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Conversations About Retirement: Retiring Not Shy!

  1. I am starting to seriously consider my upcoming retirement–within the next five years. Of course, I have been financially preparing for years, but now I am doing the mental work. I love the term “re-wirement.” I may have to adopt that. I also appreciate the insight in moving too far away from family. Sometimes we dream of moving to some far off exotic place, but in truth our children, grandchildren, mothers, and most of my siblings live within 10 miles of us, and moving away from them would leave a big hole. So much to think about!


    • I’m with you Christie. “Re- wirement” has such a positive vibe and energy. And, we too will be looking for a location to settle eventually. Jan’s comments are a great reminder that we will need to consider our ability to fairly easily visit family. Even though we are recently retired, there are still many choices and decisions for us to make. Yes, there is so much to think about 🙂

    • Hi Christie
      Kudos to you for starting to plan early and for realising that retirement is about much more than money (important as it that is). Do feel free to use re-wirement, it is a concept I would like to see spreading. I totally get what you mean about moving to a far off exotic place, and we know people who have done so successfully. It works for some but it wouldn’t work for us. Tempting though! I wish you many happy hours of planning. ~ Message on behalf on Jan Wild.

    • Thank you so very much for your great support Carol (Mimi). I have very recently found The Blogger’s Pit Stop Link Party and already I am a fan. Thanks so much for the share on social media. I will check out Home with Mimi & recipercate 🙂

  2. I love the word “re-wirement”. One of the things that prompted our move to the Sunshine Coast was an urge to retire from a place – not to it… to help with setting up those structures for life after paid employment. Great post & tips, Jan

    • No wonder you love the word “re-wirement” Jo. It sounds as if you made very proactive decisions about your life after paid employment. Best wishes 🙂

    • Thank you Donna for your comments. Totally agree a sense of purpose and reason to get up every morning is so important, particularly once we retire. As Jan said, it’s a time for “re -wirement”, not retiring from life. 🙂

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