We get it. The decision to retire is huge.

It’s a massive change. All our lives we have been encouraged, educated & expected to work. Then, we become a certain age & suddenly all those expectations disappear.

Prior to retirement, & even still now, we talk with friends regularly about retirement. Discussions are about what retirement may mean for us all. What we have experienced, and notice in our friends, is there is a lot of uncertainty:

  • Should we retire now or keep working for a bit longer?
  • Have we enough money?
  • Should we downsize into a smaller home?
  • Will we cope both being at home together?
  • What will I do all day, every day?
  • Will I miss everyone from work?
  • Who am I if I’m not working?

While there may be lots of uncertainty with retiring, retirement can also stimulate lots of ideas & excitement about hopes, dreams, new options, & possibilities. Indeed, retirement offers a new freedom & flexibility to be creative, to think outside the square, to try new things, and perhaps to even choose to get out of our comfort zone.

What’s On Watson’s began with the idea of creating a travel blog. This is because our immediate intention is to travel. Yet we are very uncertain how long we may travel.

It soon began apparent to us that our journey is far broader than just travel. We are venturing into the unfamiliar territory of retirement, with all the excitement, change & uncertainty that retirement brings. So the concept for What’s On Watson’s broadened to include our retirement adventures and to also share other people’s thoughts and experiences of retirement.

What’s On Watson’s was launched in November 2016. This was following our retirement early in 2016.

Our aim is to explore how we ,and other baby boomer’s, transition & adjust into retirement.

Our desire is to reach out to fellow retirees. We intend to share stories about retirement so we can learn, support & encourage each other. Hopefully we can inspire each other to make the most of our retirement years.

So, if you are a retired, or you are about to retire, and you relate to some or all the comments above, than this blog is for you.


About the Watson’s

The Watson’s are an Aussie couple who enjoy the outdoor life. We have always enjoyed camping, bush walking, fishing, boating, and going to the beach. We also enjoy travelling, meeting people, and trying new experiences.


Family is vitally important to us. Between us we have five children who are spread over the eastern seaboard of Australia. At this stage our children live in Melbourne & Bairnsdale (Victoria), Wollongong (NSW), Brisbane & Gladstone (Queensland). And we are blessed with four grandy’s (grandchildren). Our families of origin live in Goulburn, Sydney & Newcastle, NSW. So we are likely to be frequent visitors to these areas. The desire to be near family may well & truly test our desire to travel.

In 2016 we turned 59 & 60 and we retired.

2016 has been a massive year of change for us. We have experienced a family bereavement, closed a business, sold our home of 17 years, sold or gave away over half of our belongings, and left the town we have lived in for decades.

We are about to begin a nomadic lifestyle travelling in a caravan for an indefinite period. We may travel a short or long time. Time will tell.

Setting off for travel adventures in Australia
Setting off for travel adventures in Australia

At this stage we are clear in our minds this is our time. Now is the time for us to put ourselves first & do what we really want. If we putting things off we may never do what we really want.

Retirement offers us the freedom to experience adventure, to do something different, to get out of our comfort zone.

Estelle is a people person. She is the one who comes up with weird & wonderful ideas, like deciding to write a retirement blog. Greg has a great sense of humour. He is very practical & a general day to day problem solver. Together we make a pretty good team, as we tend to compliment each other.

In November 2016 we set off in our caravan from our home in Goulburn, New South Wales. The plan is simply to enjoy ourselves . We are not focusing too far ahead. We have a very basic mud map of our future. We intend to trust our instincts & make decisions when they need to be made.

Photo of the open road

If your interested to see how our retirement adventure turns out please follow us on….


November 2016

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by One Road at a Time and for leaving such a nice comment. We visited Australia in 2004 while our son studies for a semester at the University of Melbourne. We thoroughly enjoyed our time, although of course it wasn’t long enough.

    Welcome to your retirement! I’ve liked your Facebook page and I look forward to following your adventures!

    • Thank you so very much Patti for leaving such a nice comment. So pleased to hear you enjoyed your time in Melbourne. And likewise, whenever we travel overseas we never have enough time to see all we would like. Thank you so much for liking our FB page. I have found you on Instagram and will also follow your retirement and travel adventures there.

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