8 Tips to Supplement Retirement Income While Travelling Australia.

8 Tips to Supplement Retirement Income While Travelling Australia.

Are you interested in travelling in your retirement?

Are you interested in ways to supplement your retirement income, so you can travel more?

If so, check out these ideas.

As retirees enjoying travel around Australia we have met a lot of people. Of the people we have met on the road, the majority have been retirees.

Some people are newly retired, just like us. And, just like us, they are doing their first big trip travelling Australia. Other retirees have been travelling Australia for years. Some people tell us this is their fourth or fifth trip around. One couple told us they had been living on the road for ten years. Then, other couples are enjoying a very quick trip around Australia.

No matter how long people have been on the road, or where they are going to, everyone speaks about how much they enjoy travelling Australia.

8 Ways To Supplement Retirement Income While Travelling Australia.
Sunset Cruise – Lake Argyle, Western Australia.

It’s been interesting talking to retirees. We have met quite a number of people who supplement their travel costs by working. Some people work:

  • part time,
  • full time for a season,
  • on a very causal basis,
  • Some people wouldn’t even describe what they are doing as work.

What are good jobs for retirees enjoying travel? Is it a travel and tourism job? Is it a job that requires travel? Or, are other ways retirees can boost retirement income, so they can travel? We have observed some really diverse ways people make  retirement travel affordable and a reality.

Here is some examples of how retirees supplement their retirement income, so they can continue living their travel dreams:

Coffee Van

One couple drove a motor home and towed a coffee van.

In the rodeo and camp draft season they followed the same circuit every year. This meant they had regular seasonal work, with regular scheduled events. In addition, they had regular clientele.

They sold coffee and light refreshments.

This couple had prior cooking industry experience, and had all the food handling certificates necessary.

Out of the rodeo and camp draft season they travelled wherever they wanted.

Market Stall

A couple of self funded retirees supplement their retirement income by selling at local markets as they travel. Sometimes their travel destination is influenced by a festival or large event. Large crowds often result in increased sales for their market stall.

This couple tow a caravan. They sell handbags, scarves and hats. These products are soft and pack into their enclosed Ute. All they need to carry, in addition to the stock, is a pop up gazebo, tables and a couple of display stands. These items all stack flat and are light weight.

This couple said the market sales supplement their travel lifestyle, so they can do all the things they want.

Internet business/ Pop Up Shop

One couple had an internet business and sold in pop up stores in the towns they visited. They sold small items for dogs – dog coats, dog leads etc. They hand made some items, plus imported stock.

This couple drove a truck and towed a caravan.

The inside of the truck was their office and store room. The couple travelled a country route, but as far as we understand, not into remote or hot areas. Cooler climates better suited the sale of dog coats. They needed internet access to run their online business. They arranged imported stock to arrive at the Post Office where they were currently staying.

Casual Employment

We have met retirees who do all forms of casual employment. We’ve met people who work for a month in a town, and then move on. Work has included picking fruit and vegetables, working in a trade, hospitality work etc.

Advertise your skills

We have seen signs advertising people’s skills:

  • sewing repairs
  • Caravan cuts (haircuts)
  • Electrician

Work for a season in a travel industry joib

We have met a number of retirees who work the tourist season in a caravan park, on cattle station, or as a tour guide. The work varies greatly. Some have been employed as a receptionist, handyman, gardener, tour guide etc. These people receive a wage, and pay no fees for accommodation or utilities. Some are even fed. This way they actually save money to fund further travel.

Others have worked in towns where the tourism significantly increases the local population. These people have worked as bus drivers, stacked shelves in supermarkets etc.

Once the tourist season is over people continue their travels.

This lifestyle is usually seen as the realm of the young back packers. But these days the grey nomads are competing for, and getting, the casual work.

House Sitting

We had no idea how popular house sitting is. We have met far more retirees house sitting, than supplementing their retirement income by working.

House sitting is not strictly work. Yet, the house sitter gains free accommodation in exchange of caring for the home and pets. This in a way supplements the retirees income.

While retirees are house sitting they are very likely saving money. They will not be paying caravan fees or spending huge amounts on diesel. People house sitting usually have free internet, and very often do not pay the utility bills (this depends on the length of the house sit). Plus they gain the benefit of exploring the area where they are currently house sitting.

What about house sitting and travelling the world? It seems many retirees are now successfully achieving their travel dreams without busting their retirement budget.

Lease out home

We haven’t met many who do this. This option requires a longer term commitment to travel. The retirees who do this are travelling for at least one year. The rental income supplements their travel expenses.

We have heard of one retiree who rents her home long term while she continually house sits and travels.

Interestingly, we have met people who have house sitters in their home for one year. In this situation, the home owner is not earning any income. These people said they did not feel comfortable renting their home out.

Another possible concern is additional income may affect pension entitlements.

8 Ways To Supplement Retirement Income While Travelling.
Buley Rockhole, Litchfield National Park, NT

It has been very interesting travelling Australia. The number of people over 60, living the grey nomad lifestyle, is huge.

Retirees these days are mobile and active. They want to see and do everything they possibly can. To achieve their travel goals retirees are highly creative.

People can budget and travel on the cheap. Yet, the cost of travel, accommodation, and tourist activities all add up.

Baby boomers do NOT want to be mere onlookers as they travel. They want travel experiences where they are doing and seeing things they wouldn’t normally. They want to participate in all sorts of pursuits. And, they all want to be involved in fun activities. Some want to feel adventurous and daring in the travel destinations or activities they choose. Others may want to be pampered, or indulge in something very special. Baby boomers want memorable memories of their travel experiences / adventures.

Baby boomers have shown historically that they are a group willing to work hard for what they want. In retirement, it seems a lot of baby boomers want to travel. So, some retirees are opting to supplement their retirement and travel lifestyle in creative ways. Needless to say, the ways retirees supplement their income to travel is vastly broader than the few ideas listed here.

Would you consider supplementing your retirement and travel lifestyle, so you could travel more? What are your thoughts on this topic? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment.

Happy and safe travels

From Estelle and Greg – Retirees Enjoying Travel.


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