10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome

10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome

As retirees enjoying travel around Australia we were very happy to arrive in Broome. We had just completed our self drive tour of the Kimberley Western Australia. We really loved our Kimberley experience. But, after driving all the way from Darwin to Broome, we had seen so much red dust. So, it’s fair to say, we were very happy to hit Cable Beach Broome.

We are retirees who love the beach. We stayed in Broome for 6 nights at Cable Beach Caravan Park. During this time we went to Cable Beach daily.  And we found we weren’t the only retirees who loved Cable Beach. We were amazed how many retirees migrate north for a Broome holiday over the winter months. There’s nothing like enjoying fun in the sun on Cable Beach. What a fabulous retirement lifestyle?

Here is a list of fun things to do at Cable Beach Broome.

  1. Enjoy a Cable Beach Camel Ride

    The Cable Beach Camel Rides are world famous for!

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome
    Camel Ride, Cable Beach Broome
    10 Fun Things to Do At Cable Baech Broome
    Sunset Camel Ride, Cable Beach Broome

    The reflections of the camel train on the wet sand at sunset are awesome.

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome
    Sunset Camel Ride, Cable Beach Broome

Remember to take a selfie while on a camel ride.

  1. Watch a Cable  Beach Sunset

    Every evening the sunsets over the ocean were stunning.

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome
    Sunset At Cable Beach Broome

    The colours of the sky turn all shades of pink, purple and blue as the sunset.

  2. 4WD onto Cable Beach at sunset

    This is incredibly popular. We believe anyone with a four wheel drive must drive their 4WD vehicle onto the beach at least once. Some people told us they went every evening. They sat on the tailgate of their 4WD, enjoyed a drink with nibbles, and watched the sunset. After sunset there was a little traffic jam as the 4WD vehicles and the camels left the beach. So interesting. Lots of people enjoyed watching the mass exodus.

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome
    4WD access available at Cable Beach Broome
    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome
    4WD onto Cable Beach Broome is very popular

    Note of warning. A local told us there is, on average, six 4WD vehicles lost each year. This is because the drivers leave their vehicles and forget about how quickly the tide moves in.

  3. Go for a swim

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome
    Cable Beach Broome is a safe patrolled beach in the dry season.

    Cable Beach is a safe place to swim. No saltwater crocodiles during the dry season. And lifegaurd’s patrol the beach.

    Broome has wonderful weather throughout winter. Between May and October it’s the dry season. So expect clear blue skies and temperatures between 17 – 30 degrees Celcius.

    The water temperature ranges from 26 – 29. How perfect is that!

  4. Hire an umbrella, sun lounge or sun chair

    Hiring an umbrella, sun lounge or sun chair is popular on Cable Beach. During the day the beach is dotted with umbrellas.

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome.
    The Umbrellas on Cable Beach Broome look bright and cheery.

    The umbrellas add colour to the holiday atmosphere. Why not lie back in shaded comfort and take in all that is happening on the beach?

  5. Go for a surf or boogie board

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome.
    The Beach Hut on Cable Beach Broome hire out a variety of beach items.

    Surf and boogie boards were also available for hire. Mind you we didn’t see big surf while we were at Cable Beach.

  6. Enjoy a picnic on the beach.

    This is always an Aussie favourite. There is nothing quite like a cool drink and something to eat after fun in the sun at the beach.

  7. Enjoy drinks and nibbles at sunset

    Directly above Cable Beach are lovely grassed areas. Many people bring fold up chairs, nibbles and drinks, and set up to watch a famous Cable Beach sunset. There can be lots of people, so people watching can be great fun too.

  8. Enjoy a beach walk

    Cable Beach is 6km long. It’s a great beach to walk on as the tides go out so far. The tidal difference can be around 10 metres. Walking on damp sand is so much easier. Plus ,there is so much activity on Cable Beach, there will be a lot to see.

    10 Fun Things To Do At Cable Beach Broome
    Greg enjoying a walk along the rock section on Cable Beach Broome.
  9. Go Skinny Dipping

    North of the beach access road we found nudists enjoying a swim. This is the area nearby the camel rides. Apparently nudists have been swimming in this area for decades. So, if your so inclined, go for a skinny dip.

We were told people either love Cable Beach or hate it. It’s true it is a busy beach. Yet, we most definitely loved our time at Broome’s Cable Beach.

What about you?

Have you been to Broome? If so, did you visit Cable Beach? What other famous beaches would you recommend visiting? Where else can you enjoy a camel ride on a beach? Where else do you see lots of 4WD vehicles on a beach? And where else can you see great beach sunsets? Love to hear your suggestions of other beaches to visit and enjoy. Please join in the discussion below.

Wishing you safe and happy travels

From Estelle and Greg – Retirees Enjoying Travel.

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  1. Ha! I didn’t realize you guys are in Australia until just now. We are in the US. We have similar stories in that we both retired on the same exact day December 13, 2016 and early like you guys. It’s been a blast . We leave for our next trip in 10 days for 5 weeks! That will be the longest for us to be away from our family!

    Someday we will put Australia on our travel list but right now we are really trying to see Europe. That is so crazy to see Camels on the beach! Great blog and see you over on insta

    • Hi Donna. Yes we are travelling Oz and enjoying the trip of our lives. So interesting that we have very similar stories. Just read your latest blog post about 5 dumb questions people ask retirees. Loved this post. Thanks for your support. Who knows, one day we may visit the US. Enjoy a fantastic trip of Europe. Yes I will continue to follow your adventures on Insta! 🙂

    • Wow Kathleen, Exmouth is such a lovely area, but a long way from anywhere. And yes, it is such a long way to Broome. We recently did that road trip. Hopefully you will get to Broome one day. We really enjoyed our time there. Thank you for your feedback. I’m so pleased you found the Cable Beach post interesting. And thank you so much for featuring the post on Blogger’s Pit Stop – very much appreciated 🙂

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